Hello Friend

Our story starts in 1951, with a man and his deep-rooted passion for birds. A strong foundation. The family business was passed from father to son, and then the third generation took over. The love for birds remained.

These days, we add to the enjoyment of gardens, balconies, and terraces. For people and for animals. With our close team, we are continuously working on new concepts, looking for the connection between humans, nature, and exceptional products.

Remaining true to our ECO philosophy we aim to use sustainable and environmentally friendly resources wherever available whilst ensuring all our products are accessible and affordable.

All products are made for the convenience of our clients, for people’s enjoyment of their home and for the happiness of our singing friends. Our passion is to build a bridge between design and nature and stimulate the creation of new living environments for birds, by people.

The Singing Friend Formula

Driven by our focus on attention to detail, to our ECO sustainable beliefs and in achieving the highest product quality standards.

We pride ourselves in delivering the highest level of customer service and experience. We are reliable, service-minded, and always looking to establish long-term partnerships.


Mother nature is our greatest gift. This respect for nature is in our DNA, and it shows in our products. There is a reason why sustainability is one of our most important values. Our unique recycling process strips the laminate film from drink cartons which would otherwise be sent to incineration ensuring the second life use of both paper fibre and plastic film. Paper fibre is recycled back into the paper/carton industry, and we re-granulate the plastic film to make our feeders.


Our point of difference is where we stand out from the crowd. Our products designs and recycled materials are unique. We develop products that fit the latest trends and are also timeless when it comes to the selection of materials and functionality. Practical, beautiful and above all unique.

Design and Product Range Variety

Our extensive range has been developed to suit all consumer needs with price points from entry level Fat and Suet Feeders through to Gift Packs and Accessories for that special occasion. With a mix of designs using 100% Recycled to those from Natural Materials complemented with the highest quality Suet Feed Lines there really is something for everyone within this superbly unique range.

100% Recycled

Modern & Stylish

Unique Designs

Elegant & Multifunctional